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Cameron Boys Camp is nestled on 902 acres of woodland paradise in Cameron, North Carolina where boys ages 13-15 can experience the freedom of being outdoors within the structure of small groups with constant, caring supervision. The outdoor residential wilderness camp provides a year round program helping boys and their families overcome personal and family struggles.


Boys live in groups of ten with three counselors, called "Chiefs". With the help of their peers and Chiefs, campers learn discipline, positive behavior patterns and self-worth. Cameron Boys Camp is an accredited, non-public school licensed by the state of North Carolina educating boys through an experiential curriculum that serves as an alternative to the traditional classroom environment.

The Christ-centered camp program provides children and their families an opportunity to work out challenges and problems in order to experience healing and transformation. Camp's approach involves the entire family in order to build successful relationships between the camp staff, the family and the camper.


Cameron Boys Camp is a ministry of Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina (BCH). BCH is a nonprofit child care organization providing residential programs and services throughout North Carolina and beyond.


To provide the highest quality of Christian services to children, adults, and families in a caring culture of measurable excellence.


Sharing hope...changing lives


Cameron Boys Camp was founded on April 13, 1980 in the rolling woodlands donated by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Read of Vass, NC. The first child came into care on December 2, 1980.


This year-round approach to specialized child care has proved effective since 1948. The original concept developed by Campbell Loughmiller at the Salesmanship Club Boys' Camp in Texas has since spread to other states and countries. These camps are part of the WRTCA, Wilderness Road Therapeutic Camping Association.


Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina, under the leadership of Michael C. Blackwell, was the first to develop residential wilderness camping programs as an integral part of it's statewide child care program.


While 30 plus years has passed since Cameron Boys Camp received their first child into care, their program and methods have remained true to character, maintaining the foundations of camp throughout the years.

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